Typewronger Books, Edinburgh

How you can help

Stay safe and don't go to a business in person if you are ill or should be self-isolating under current official advice, but your support is vital during this period. Typewronger Books have taken the following measures to make it possible:

  • Typewronger Books is still open 11am-9pm every day of the week

  • Email info@typewronger.com to order ANY BOOK YOU WANT delivered to your door!

  • Browse what's in store by checking out our google listing!

  • £1.50 postage on small packages for the duration of the outbreak. We will also be offering free delivery to anyone living in the area immediately surrounding the shop (EH7)

  • As was always the case previously, customers living anywhere in Edinburgh who have mobility issues are still entitled to FREE POSTAGE

Social links

If you don't have much money or can't get help by the direct means on this page, one way to lend a hand is to boost the business's social accounts.

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