Lighthouse Books, Edinburgh

How you can help

Stay safe and don't go to a business in person if you are ill or should be self-isolating under current official advice, but your support is vital during this period. Lighthouse Books have taken the following measures to make it possible:

  • For the rest of March our new hours will be 11.30am-5.30pm Monday-Sunday

  • Send us an email titles ORDER to, with the author/title, then we send payment link, you settle up, and we post!

  • We are able to offer as standard 48hr delivery, subsidise postage to £2 AND if you spend over £50 we’ll throw in a SURPRISE book from our dungeon of wonders...

  • You can also buy pay it forward vouchers, or books (!) from our growing selection of bookseller picks in our online shop

  • If you are not sure what you want to read then you can give us a budget, tell us what you like to read and ask for suggestions

Social links

If you don't have much money or can't get help by the direct means on this page, one way to lend a hand is to boost the business's social accounts.

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