❤️ Support your local businesses during the pandemic

The global Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic is hitting local business incredibly hard: in the UK, the population has been advised to steer clear of any unnecessary contact or gatherings, yet businesses have not been forced to close by government.

This leaves them without the majority of their income, but unable to claim insurance.

Many businesses are coming up with novel and creative ways to keep themselves afloat during the pandemic: restaurants are offering takeaway or delivery where they didn't before, services are opening up for paid-up-front bookings to maintain some cashflow.

This site lists those businesses with information on the special measures they're taking. Use it to support them if you're unable to give them your usual business: for many of them this is an existential threat.

This website is minimal, I get it. I'm making it fast, since this is an urgent situation. It'll improve over time but what's important right now is the information. If you want to help out, see the contributing section below!


Other locations

Other locations will appear here as they get businesses added: see the Contributing section below to find out how to submit information and add one in your area!


If you want to add a business, go to the Google Form and follow the instructions. DM Jack on Twitter if you need any help!

If you want to get more involved and help curate and clean the responses, you'll need access to the Google Sheet: DM Jack on Twitter.

If you have skills in React/Gatsby-based projects and want to contribute design or copy talents, you're more than welcome: this site is a public Github project, and pull requests are hugely appreciated. Find it at unwitting/covid-business-support.

Otherwise please just share and put out the call for both contributors and customers for these businesses.


This site is totally unofficial and unaffiliated with any government or health bodies. It's literally just a hand of support being put out by somebody who's main skills lie in making a quick website. The project was kicked off by Jack Preston and they reached out for local contributors from there.

All advice or information on this site should take a second place to current official recommendations on how to stay safe.